All your bank accounts

All the newest financial
tools and technology

With beyond Bank-level
trust and fraud prevention

In one location

Bringing you...

Bringing you

Total Security

Trusted by your bank. Our security goes beyond
current bank security to make sure your private
data is safe.

Total Control

You control who gets your data even down to
which account you want to share.

When you no longer want to use a Fintech, they
no longer get your data.

Total Choice

Awesome financial tools added weekly to meet
your lifestyle needs.

As Steve Jobs did for the App Store, we are
leveraging creative developers to bring you
financial solutions you may not even
know you need.


Like LastPass and Sign On With Apple for Fintech.
1-click fintech authentication.

No more musical chairs trying to turn on every
fintech 1 by 1 and sharing your data for every
individual account 1 at a time.

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